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Top Chef 21 Fantasy Draft!

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Top Chef 21 Fantasy Draft!

Tom and [Pack Your Knives Chef's Table Members on behalf of] Kevin pick their teams,
Who went No. 1? (Photo by: David Moir/Bravo)

It’s a Pack Your Knives’ tradition like no other: The annual Top Chef fantasy draft.

TeamTom has deployed its scouting and data analytics departments to scour the field of cheftestants for the sure bets and hidden gems. Since Kevin got a glimpse of the field of remaining chefs at a mid-season challenge, Pack Your Knives’ Chef’s Table founding members aggregated their draft boards and chose on TeamKevin’s behalf.

As always, producer Anthony Mayes is at the podium for the proceedings.

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Pack Your Knives
Pack Your Knives | Premium
Kevin Arnovitz and Tom Haberstroh bring their die-hard fanaticism of the hit TV show Top Chef and combine it with their NBA analytical instincts to draft “fantasy” teams, interview contestants and talk about America’s food and restaurant trends. Follow along weekly as the top cooking competition meets top-shelf analysis.